Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cloth Diaper Craziness

We've been big on wanting to try cloth diapering for years now. I think it started with some documentary, I can't remember which one, where we saw disposables piled high, laying stagnant (apparently for some 500-600 years) in a landfill. The image definitely burned itself into my mind.

I don't at all have romantic ideas of cloth diapering being easy. Or fun. Or glamorous. It's going to be a smelly, poopy mess of wet cloth and hard-to-remove stains. Stains I have to actually deal with. Wash in the washing machine, which is in itself a bit of a mind-blower. Poop in our washing machine. Ick.

Now that we're almost halfway through the pregnancy, we're looking more seriously into registry items. One of our biggies is -- you guessed it -- cloth diapers. But there are so many different types (flat, prefold, all-in-ones), brands (too many to name), and opinions. Reviews are skewed or inconsistent, at best. Price points vary wildly -- and we sway toward the frugal end.

Plus: We all know how much I hate researching this stuff.

I thought I'd found my answer last night (image source). My friend Heather had hooked me up with some veteran cloth diaper-ers, and one of the ladies said that she liked the all-in-ones, but that after doing it for a while, she went to prefolds. Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds, specifically. Last night, I found that Bummis makes a colorful kit with "everything you need" for $140. As easy as that!

PROS: The Bummis can't be priced much better. I read they rate well with absorption. They aren't too bulky. They're organic, which is a nice bonus. And they come in a kit.

CONS: We'd have to buy multiple sizes, and I haven't yet calculated the price comparison with all-in-ones. Prefolds aren't as user-friendly to family members, for example, who may not be familiar with/want to do cloth diapering. And we'd likely need to buy more covers.

So, I kept looking.

Of course, we're interested in the bumGenius one-size, with snaps (image source). They seem incredibly convenient. They are also super cute. Repeat: They are one-size and all-in-one. But . . . they're sorta expensive. However, other brands I've scoped out are even pricier. And from what I gather, they seem to require a special detergent? Still, when I ask people . . . the majority say: "BG is the only way to go."

But I couldn't pull myself away just yet.

Then I read that bamboo is the best absorption material out there (image source). Which lead me to find Hemparoo Fleece Prefolds, and I think my mind would be set on these . . . but they are much pricier than the Bummis. They also, like all prefolds, come in different sizes we'd have to buy. And I don't see a convenient kit where we'd get everything we need. So, we'd have to also buy covers/etc. Ugh.

My conclusion is that I'm not done researching, much to my dismay. And my friend Valerie says our best bet is to try out several different kinds. A smart suggestion. Plus, I'm beginning to think buying a mix is a good idea. Some bumGenius for convenience, some prefolds for the day-to-day, and some bamboo for night soakings. Probably some disposables mixed in for when we go out.

We've heard poop will become our lives. We just didn't think it'd start so soon!

Experienced (and new) CD'ers out there: WHAT SHOULD WE DO?! We're looking for what everyone ideally wants: A well-fitting, economical, and easy-to-use piece-o-cloth for our kid to dirty up. We won't even begin to ask how the cleaning process goes, though I have searched around. Please, please, please leave a comment or email us at neverhomemaker [at] gmail [dot] com.

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